Everything You Need To Know About The Compression Socks

During physical activity, your legs, due to many reasons, could become prone to poor blood circulation or due to the injuries that appear because of the physical activity. Compression socks are made for compression therapy as these provide just about enough pressure to your legs and ankles so it could promote better blood flow. At the same time, these are designed to lessen the pain in your legs and offer you great level of comfort during physical activity. Depending on your condition, you may get these prescribed by a doctor or you can buy these on your own as you do not need a recipe to obtain these.

Why do you get them?

During the physical activity, your legs could start swelling. This also happens during the long office hours at work, which can cause serious swelling as your feet are constantly inside the shoes and have no room to “breathe”. Compression socks give pressure to your legs in order to promote blood flow, reduce the dimeter of veins and prevent blood from flowing downwards. There are various problems that could cause the need for compression socks. These may include:

  • Poor blood circulation
  • Poor veins
  • Reduce the pain in legs
  • Varicose veins
  • Orthostatic hypertension
  • Enhance lymphatic drainage
  • Reduce swelling.

The different sizes

Compression socks come in different lengths as they are designed to cover different types of bodies, though usually are made for legs. In addition, there are different types of pressure that these produce on your legs. So you can choose between mild or high pressure, depending on your needs and problems. When speaking about the length, there are socks that are designed to go below the knee or even for thigs too and you choose the one that you need for a certain part of body.

Define your problem to get the appropriate socks

Like with everything, you need to define the problem so you could get the appropriate solution. In any case, you need to define your problem first so you could choose the appropriate length and pressure of socks. This is important as the different sizes and pressures solve different problems and therefore to treat your problem, you must define the problem first and find the appropriate socks. The best thing you can do is to consult with the doctor so you could get the appropriate compression socks.