Plantar fasciitis pain: how compression socks can help?

Plantar fasciitis can be very problematic to people who suffer from it, to that point that a simple walk can feel like a mission impossible. The pain you feel produces a negative feedback on your overall quality of life and can exclude gym or training activities totally from your life. Some people treat themselves with medication instead of choosing the compression socks, but that is expensive and potentially dangerous. The alternative method is wearing the compression socks to make you pain bearable. Still, people very often misunderstand the plantar fasciitis and they not even suffer from it, but rather from additional ailment and common pain.

The symptoms of fasciitis pain

The plantar fasciitis relates to problems with fascia ligaments that connect the heel and front part of the foot. As these ligaments absorb all shock and help you to walk properly, these can break down over time because of the various reasons. Once this happens, the ligaments are inflamed and they cause stiffness that produces pain that hurts you and causes problems when walking. The most common symptoms of plantar fasciitis are:

–       Sharp pain

–       Burning and aching.

If it is, it is very likely you will feel pain in the morning as the ligament relaxes completely during the sleep and reacts to every single movement.

How compression socks do help?

Once you determine that you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, the next step is to determine an effective solution to make your problem less painful. Some people do opt for medications, however, that is not so good solution as it is expensive and potentially dangerous to your health. The best option is to get the proper compression socks that are designed with one specific goal – to ease your problems with plantar fasciitis. These compress arches of your feet thus making the inflammation less and bearable. On top of that, it will reduce your swelling, soreness of muscles and improves the blood circulation.

By increasing the blood flow, your muscles have enough blood which prevents the tension and soreness. When choosing the socks, make sure you determine which one works best for you as there are different lengths, level of compressions and materials. If you are not sure, or you have not consulted with your doctor, you should buy shorter socks that are quarter-length, which enables you easy slip on and slip off. Besides supporting plantar fascia, it also offers good support to Achilles tendon. It is also recommended to wear these at night so your muscles could be relaxed in the morning. Also if you work out, wear these during training to get the best possible support and comfort for your feet.